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PM-2S 全自动菌株细胞株筛选采样设备


  • Improved Sterilization Process
  • Silent and Compact Size
  • Bench-top Size Unit Saves Lab Space
  • Sophisticated Software
  • Wide Range of Applications : ColonyGelCell

PM-2s Compact type : Compact desktop type that can be installed on the laboratory bench. Transfer processing from dish to microplate



Identification method

Identification method Imaging with color CCD (charge coupled device)

Colony identification

accuracy15 million pixel RGB color CCD, pixel resolution: 0.06 mm/pixel

Identification setting parameter

Set RGB extraction, distance to adjacent colonies, ratio of long to short ellipsis diameter, roundness, maximum number of pixels, minimum number of pixels, identification area


Drive type

Triaxial (2-phase stepping motor x 3) actuator type

Positional accuracy

Actuator positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm

Minimum transfer colony

size Ø0.2 mm (actual size varies depending on conditions)

Dish / plate

Dishes applicable to

transfer source Ø90 mm / Ø150 mm disposable dishes

Plates applicable to

transfer targets (Shallow): 96-, 384-well; (deep): 96-well

Other Functions

UV sterilization lamp (3 fluorescent lamps) (with automatic power off timer)

Built-in ethanol supply pump

Low remaining ethanol supply warning, ditto discharge tank full sensor,ditto fluid leak warning sensor, front door opening sensor (with interlock function)


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