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ZC-3000 界面电位及粒径分析仪

  • Measurement of the charged state on particle-surface changing with solvents
  • Effective evaluation of the dispersion stability of colloidal solution
  • Isoelectric point measurement from pH response
  • Multifaceted evaluation of colloidal particles with zeta potential and particle size measurements

Specifications (ZEECOM / ZC-3000)

Measurement method

Microscopic electrophoresis (zeta potential)

Zeta potential measurement range

-200~200 mV

Measurable particle size

0.02 μm ~ 100 μm (for zeta potential measurement)

0.05 μm ~ 100 μm (for particle size measurement)

Cell stage

Digital display in 0.001 mm increments *Accuracy 0.01 mm

Measurement cell

Standard measurement cell for aqueous solution (option: cell for non-aqueous solution)

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